Digital transformation is about getting people upscaled in AI and IOT

Today AI and machine learning truly are leading technologies in marketing, and they can be used for all kinds of activities. Marketers can leverage them to:

  • Understand their audiences
  • Personalize offerings
  • Streamline content production
  • Research more deeply
  • Collect and analyze more massive amounts of data
  • Apply data quickly to business decisions

Just like most technological changes in the past, AI will create a demand for new skills rather than take jobs outright. We will still require people behind the marketing machine, no matter what. For instance, we need people to write AI conversation programs and monitor chatbot conversations.

Perhaps more importantly, we need people who can understand and communicate about large amounts of data being analyzed – that is, they will clarify, communicate, and apply the data to a business strategy. That is where predictive analysis might take over some statistics or math-related jobs in some ways, but mostly just via calculation. These types of AI applications need people to guide them and interpret them.

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