Business development

We help you in creating new business succeses
Developing your business with deals, showcasing, managerial and operational ability, Alphamate and accomplices bolster your marketable strategy, can discover money related help, select the correct individuals and assume liability on the execution dependent on clear concurred kpi’s.
  • Assessment Business Opportunity
    Define Commercial Requirements
    Budget and Milestones

  • Interim Management
    Innovative product development
    Full outsourcing support

Project management

We help you implementing projects and programs successfully
All our task and program chiefs are guided amid the entire venture by one of our official accomplices. Our demonstrated reputation in ICT and IOT causes you understand the change to digitalization. Moreover we consider that one of the most underutilized tools in the project manager’s toolbox is the communication plan. Maximizing this early in the process has benefits such as having a more engaged project team, reduced conflict and confusion, and getting more support from stakeholders. Moreover our project management is just to provide the best services to the client as that services are means to bring satisfaction in the clients mind. Modern project managers need to see themselves as communication managers: “We are responsible for ensuring that important information is shared, that key stakeholders are updated about the project status, and that team members are focused and engaged.” The plan can take the form of regular status updates or project reports, face-to-face and online meetings and periodic project evaluations.
  • Scope definition 
    Planning and budget
    Project follow-up
    Nearshore development
    Service management

Let us help you
  • A solution for a full project outsourcing or the helping you  project managers, architects, service management , software developers and data intelligent people 

Innovation projects

Innovative product and program management in a digital world
We help our customers in the design, engineering and development for the digital world
Let us help you
  • End 2 End product design
    Market research
    Product marketing
    Partner selection